Booking Holidays Online – Cheaper than Travel Agents?

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The way in which many of us book holidays has changed dramatically in recent years. Ten years ago many of us would have relied on our local travel agents to find us a good deal.

When we came to think about our next trip away, we’d simply wander down the high street and nip into a few travel agents shops, picking up a number of different holiday brochures to compare prices offered by different tour operators.

Comparing prices sometimes involved taking into account certain special offers that might be available, or any additional costs caused by the time of year (school holidays, for example) or number of people travelling.

When thinking about destinations, resorts or particular hotels, our opinions might largely be shaped by what friends and family had told us, what we’d read in magazines, or maybe what we’d seen in holiday-related television programmes.

The arrival of the internet and its increasing availability to many of us has undoubtedly changed the goalposts. We now have the ability to research our chosen destinations online – we even have access to the thoughts of previous visitors to the hotels that we may be planning to stay at.

We can compare prices relatively quickly and also have more options in terms of how we structure our holidays. We’re no longer limited by the narrow boundaries of the package holiday market – we can now book our flights and accommodation independently, with far less hassle.

So everything has got better. Or has it?

The internet has brought us a lot of information but how much of that information is really reliable? When I read reviews of places that I’ve visited, I often find that other people’s experiences are very different from my own.

It’s clear that we all have different expectations of what is involved in having a good holiday.

It seems to me that, while holiday prices may well have come down, many of us are left looking to trawl through masses of information, much of which may be considerably less reliable than that once provided by the good old-fashioned travel agent.

Maybe we should take the “progress” provided by the internet with a small pinch of salt.

Blackjack: Learn How to Become a Champion

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Learn How to Play and Win Blackjack after practicing some basic steps that can be learn easily. Blackjack is one of the more easier card games that you will come across, and its basic concept is simple: get 21 as the sum of your cards or get as close to 21 but higher than the sum of your opponent’s cards.

1) Do not try and reach 21.
Yes. Even though blackjack is also commonly called 21, trying to reach 21 with every hand is an amateurish move. You will, most certainly, lose the hand. Statistical research conducted has shown that the odds of reaching 21 is lesser than the odds of getting more than 21.

2) Try and Beat the Dealer.
Since blackjack is a one on one battle: you versus the dealer, focus on beating the dealer. Instead of trying to get 21, try to guess what hand the dealer will receive and accordingly play your hand. Remember that the dealer at a regular casino or even at an <a href=””>online casino</a> has to stop taking more cards if the cards on the table add up to 17. But if their cards add up to 16 or any number less, they will have to take another card.

3) Look at the dealer’s card facing up.
The only way to play is to look at the dealer’s card facing up. If it is a low card like a two or anything up to a 6 or 7, try and get a high number combination. If it抯 a 9 or 10, the odds are high that he has a 10 underneath or at least he will be forced to take another card. So, reach anything up to 20 or 21, but its better to even stop at a 18 or 19 and hope they will over-run the sum of 21.

How Blackjack is Played at a Casino:
1) Place your bet on the table.
Each blackjack table has a set beginning bet and this ranges from a dollar to ten or twenty for the high-rollers crowd. This is the amount of chips you will have to put down, and this signals to the dealer that you are taking part in the next round.

2) You will get a card.
The dealer then deals a card to you and all the other players who have also placed a bet down.

3) The dealer places a face-up card in front.
This is one of the cards of the dealer, and since its facing up, all the players have a chance to judge the outcome of his cards.

4) The dealer deals the second card.
The dealer, then, deals you and all the players an additional card. This is the time to have a look at them and at the dealer’s card and decide whether you wish to get another card.

5) The dealer asks.
The dealer now turns to each player and asks them if they wish to receive another card. If you wish  it, the dealer will give you a card. Then, the dealer will ask you again. Note that the dealer will be with you until you decide that you do not want to receive any more cards. Then, the dealer moves on to the next player, then, the next, and so on.

6) The dealer starts playing.
Only when all the players have said that they do not want any more cards, does the dealer start playing. He takes cards until he has reached 17 or above. Then, he has to stop.

7) The dealer opens the cards.
When he’s done, the dealer first reveals all his cards. Then, he moves from one player to the other opening their cards. After revealing each player’s hands, the dealer pays out the bet or takes the bet away according to who has won and who has lost.

Best Buys in Your Yearly Worldwide Travel Coverage

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Let’s look at some insurers & plans that qualify as best buy annual travel insurance worldwide. six UK travel insurance carrier that dubs itself the cheapest worldwide travel insurance offers not only annual coverage but plans specific to a single trip, a business trip, backpacking adventures, & plans designed with folks over 65 in mind.

For best buys in annual travel insurance worldwide you need first only travel as far as your web connection. Annual travel insurance for worldwide travel is the best buy, as compared with single trip coverage, if you’re going to be making over six trip in a calendar year, or if you’re stay is going to be lengthy.

You can purchase the best buys in worldwide travel insurance for a year’s worth of worldwide coverage that includes the U.S. & Canada as well as Europe, or you can choose to exclude the United States & Canada. This coverage, while noted as worldwide travel insurance does exclude from coverage several high-risk areas – the countries of Israel, Lebanon, Libya & Algeria. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find annual or single trip travel insurance coverage for these countries anywhere. Were you to do so you can count on them not being among your best buy.

Let’s look at an example quote & see if it’s indeed six of the best buys in annual travel insurance worldwide. These quotes are for UK residents. Assuming one adults, the oldest 64, travelling in Europe, the range of cost is indeed  low – from a per person low of $46.43 U.S. dollars to a high of $78.18. These  might be a quantity of the best buys in annual travel insurance worldwide. Coverage includes trip delay or cancellation protection, medical care, the cost of repatriation back to your home, hospital care, lost or delayed luggage, missed flight connection or departure, hijacking, accident, personal liability, care of injured pet, & even holiday abandonment (which means were your flight or cruise to be delayed 12 hours or more you could choose to cancel your plans & be reimbursed for doing so.) These best buys in annual worldwide travel insurance also offer additional coverage add-ons (for an additional price, of work.)

Best buys in travel insurance worldwide are also found on the web, with plenty of sites offering an easy comparison.

You can choose to pay an extra fee for additional travel insurance coverage for loss or theft of cash you carryover with you, for loss or damage to business equipment such as your laptop, blackberry or cell phone, & for injury during participation in golf or winter sports.

Benidorm And Alicante Are Like Child’s Play

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Everything seems to be ideal when planning your holidays in Benidorm and the its surrounding towns. The geographical location between two mountain ranges gives it its fantastic climate; over 356 days of sunshine and comfortable temperatures in winter and beach degrees in summer. Ever since it was taken over by a wise businessman who saw the unlimited possibilities, Benidorm has held the winning position in being the most preferred vacation spot for many singles, retired and families from all over the world, especially from Great Britain, Germany, France and the Scandinavian countries. There are so many cheap flights leaving these main places, all arriving at the Alicante airport just about 25 minutes away. And with the increase in car hire companies, travelling around is like we said- child抯 play!
?Bathing suits, dancing shoes and much more
?With its three kilometre long soft sandy beaches; one along the new promenade in front of nicely kept hotels and lively restaurants catering to the tourist in their native tongues, and the other a little outside the old city hub, your days of relaxation are ready. Have an English breakfast sitting at one of the terraced cafes along the Levante beach, a quiet lunch sitting in the tropical gardens at the Gran Hotel Delfin, a midday snack at Cafe de Paris with rich flakey pastries, and either a formal dinner or even more typical, some tapas ( small portions of just about everything you can eat ), highly recommendable is El Calpi with fresh seafood tapas.

And to burn up all these delicious calories you can either do all kinds of sports in the sea such as surfing, surfing with a sail, bumping around on the big hot dog or playing some beach tennis with friends. But if the day activities are not you favourite, then get ready for the nightlife scene. There are many a discoteque to visit, so you can start out at KU which has been described as a city within a city because it offers everything and two different ambiences of music to see that everyone has a good time. Penelope could be referred to as the most popular one with its inside and outside areas and a barbecue area for late snackers. If you have always wanted to try your luck in beauty contests or similar ( quite original ones ), then this is your place.
?Travelling Back in Time in Benidorm
?Terra Mitica seems to have become synonomous with this growing city. Probably because this theme park, which takes us back to where Spain抯 civilization began, rewards you with such attractions as the Secrets of the Piramides, the Minotaurus Labyrinth and the Great Odyssey Trip. But the best part of it all is that almost every year new changing shows and new attractions are introduced so that if you make your holiday spot Benidorm during various consecutive summers, you will always be surprised.

But even more thrilling than its rides and shows, Terra Mitica is celebrating its 5th anniversay, and with it tons of new activities to do. For example:

Concert of Nina Pastori ( great Spanish pop-flamenco singer)
Drawing workshop and contest
Rock, hip-hop and rap concerts
Graffitti shows
Comic and superheroes street market
Fancy dress contest
And much more. The season family pass is well worth it.
And coming soon – - the Pyramide of Terror!

But other places along the Costa Blanca like Denia, Altea, Javea and Calpe, just to name a few, are jumping with good times too.

Become A Travel Pro In One Easy Lesson

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Get prepared.

I focus a lot on helping the first time or inexperienced traveler head out prepared and confident in themselves. Starting out as a old traveler can be intimidating. How do you jump into the gigantic travel fray and survive? How can you learn to love delays and long lines?

What exactly does that mean? It means being confident in what you are doing, where you are going and how you are getting there. basically, it means being comfortable with yourself when you leave home.

OK, so what. How do you do that? Follow these speedy tips:

Tip #1
Know your location.
Do some kind of reading before you go. Know how long it is going to take to get there, and the time zone. understand how the cash converts and get a handle on local customs.

Tip #2
Be prepared before you leave home.
Make sure you have the essentials you will need,  for a safe trip. This includes a hide away funds belt, copies of your passport, two credit card, debit card, ATM card and traveler’s checks. Take no over $500 funds. Make sure somebody has your itinerary in case of an emergency.

Tip #4
Leave early.
Wherever you are headed, no matter what type of transportation, leave early for you departure terminal. It means less stress for you . . . a lot less stress for you.

Tip #3
Travel light.
Pack for only four days. over two bag. Your bag should be a soft sided, durable over bag of ballistic nylon. It needs to have a padded over strap to sling it over your shoulder.

Tip #6
Expect things to go wrong.
Most things run  well in the travel industry. there’s inevitable delays and cancellations. After all, it is a dynamic industry and getting the mind boggling number of pieces to work all in sync is a real juggling act. If you expect delays you are better prepared to deal with them. If things go well, and they usually do, you get a lovely mental lift as you travel. The more travel experience you get the better you get at knowing where delays usually occur and can either plan for them or try to avoid them.

Tip #5
Look like you have travelled all your life.
Appearance matters. If you do the above tips you will look and feel like a veteran traveler. Veteran travel pros DO get a higher level of treatment and service from people who work within the travel industry.

Tip #7
Be polite.
This follows Tip #5 and #6. While it is your hard earned funds that is paying for your travel you are two of thousands of travelers a day moving around the globe.  three-fourths of these people are inexperienced travelers. Many are stressed out, tired, cranky and rude. If you are polite you will feel better and get better treatment.

Bargain Cruises Guide- Have fun on Bargain Cruises

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Cruises are currently better interesting options for family vacations, single抯 getaways and honeymoons. The joy of spending less than weekly salary for a vacation package at sea is known as bargain cruise. Bargain Cruises are the best way to travel.

You may consult a travel agent who has specialization in cruising. There are so many travel agents that are specializing in Caribbean, Alaska or Rhine etc. You抳e to just meet an experienced travel agent who has specialization in the area where you want to spend your vacations. Sometimes the agent has not any experience about that place so you should choose travel agent carefully.

Today Internet offers great information about bargain cruises. At present every cruise line has its own web site and they offers complete information about their cruise. You can book your seats in advance by getting information via Internet. You can also get discounts by reserving your seats in advance. Cruise lines updates their sites regularly to give latest information about cruise. You can also have a look of floor plan of ship and its cabins from their website that will help you in making right decision. You should search for unsold empty cabins for getting heavy discounts.

Generally last minute cruise bargains offers heavy discount because the cruise lines are trying to fill empty cabins at the departure time. So it is the best option to choose the cruise that is going to leave within next two weeks. Those people who can manage all the arrangements on a short notice can enjoy bargain cruises completely. The people who can抰 travel on such short notice it is not good for them. Sometimes cruise lines offer discounts of 50% or more for the last minute reservations.

Repositioning cruise is also great option for bargain cruises. It will offer more time to enjoy ship抯 facilities. You can also visit some odd ports where the cruise traffic is less. These cruises are also known as 憆epo cruises? If you抮e planning before several months it is the best for you. You should always keep in mind that the overall cost of repo cruises is more than ordinary cruises. They don抰 require advertisements because they抳e standing reservation for every season. Cost of repo cruises is large because it offers amenities for three or more weeks.

Backpacking in Africa: Staying in Hostels

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Backpacking, especially in Africa and other exotic places has been more and moore popular the recent years. Many of us remember the movie “The Beach” a few years ago and it’s a fact that backpacking increased after this movie launched.  But haven’t backpacking been a common way of travelling for students as long as there have been students and travelling?  I will answer a clear ‘yes’ to that question. Hitchhiking and backpacking have been common by students and other low budget travellers for many years now.

Africa is a wonderful continent to go exploring and backpacking through some of the wonderful jungles and mountain ranges.  As many a backpacker can tell you one of the best ways to lodge while on an adventure such as this is to take advantage of the many hostels located around the continent that welcome travellers of all ages to spend a night or two with them and immerse themselves in local culture.

Most people have always wanted to take a backpacking adventure in Africa because of the wide variety of people, culture, animals and landscapes available on the continent.  In fact, many tour companies specialize in African getaway packages that lead you on a guided tour of some of the most breathtaking aspects of this continent that has a fascinating history and background.  When considering a trip to this region it is highly recommended you utilize their services because of certain areas on the continent that can be dangerous to foreigners without local guides.

However, for the most part you will find the people of the African continent to be welcoming and eager to share their culture with you.  By taking advantage of hostelling arrangements you will be able to meet fellow backpackers and local from the region that will share with you some of the unique features of the region and also help you immerse yourself in the specialized culture of the region.  These low-cost solutions to lodging are often the only choice in many parts of the continent because of the unavailability of hotels and other arrangements.

Avoid Jet Lag On Airline International Travel

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There’s nothing more aggravating than arriving at your destination groggy and red-eyed. Jet lag makes clear thinking difficult, leading to bad decisions at international business meetings, and recreational travelers find it detracts from the enjoyment of their hard-earned and time-limited vacations. Symptoms include fatigue and general tiredness, inability to sleep at night, loss of concentration, headaches, malaise and disorientation. It is caused by the disruption of biological rhythms as a result of rapid transitions across multiple time-zones. Such desynchronization of circadian rhythms also affects employees who transfer to night shifts.

Preflight preparation isone of the most important aspects of combating jet lag. Before leaving, be sure you have all your affairs, personal and professional, in order. Avoid late farewell parties, so that you are not tired or hungover from a function the night before. Participate in regular exercise in the days prior to departure and if possible try to avoid exposure to people with flu or colds. Get a full night of sleep just prior to departure.

There is evidence that jet lag is less acute on eastward rather that westward flights, as it is easier to force oneself to stay up later than normal than it is to fall asleep earlier than normal. Daytime flights cause less jet lag than overnight flights, which is why the latter are called “red-eye” flights. Due to cramped seating and ambient noise, don’t expect to get a good night’s rest on one of these flights.

Drink plenty of non-alcoholic fluids, since the dry air in airplanes causes dehydration. Water is better than coffee, tea and fruit juices. Alcoholic drinks are a poor choice for combating dehydration, and demonstrate a markedly greater intoxicating effect when consumed in the rarefied atmosphere of an airliner compared to ground level.

A blindfold, neckrest or blow-up pillow, and ear plugs can help you get quality sleep while flying. If there are some spare seats on the flight, lay across them, since it easier to fall asleep laying flat than sitting propped up.

Get up and exercise frequently. Walking up and down the aisle, standing for short periods, and doing twisting and stretching exercises in your seat reduces discomfort from swollen legs and feet, and prevents potentially deadly Deep Vein Thrombosis. On long flights,get off the plane if possible at stopovers, and take a short walk around the airport. As far back as 1988 the Lancet report estimated “that over three years at Heathrow Airport, 18% of the 61 sudden deaths in long distance passengers were caused by clots in the lungs.” These clots originate in leg veins where blood pools and coagulates due to passenger immobility.

There are many products purported to prevent or cure jet lag. One of them is melatonin, a hormone produced naturally by the body to produce sleepiness. Another product, No-Jet-Lag, has been proven effective in a scientific trial of round-the-world passengers and confirmed by longhaul flight attendants in a test conducted in cooperation with their union. Since it is a homeopathic preparation using extremely low dosages, No-Jet-Lag has no side effects and is compatible with other medications.

If you plan to use melatonin, it is important to take it at the right time or it may make matters worse. When traveling east, on the day of the flight, take one dose of melatonin between 6 and 7 p.m. your time. On the day of arrival and for the next four days, take a dose of melatonin at bedtime (between 9 and 10 p.m.) local time of your new location. If you are on a stopover and will be traveling further east, take one dose of melatonin on the day before flying onward, again between 6 and 7 p.m. local time, instead of at bedtime). On the day of arrival at the final destination, take one dose of melatonin at bedtime (local time) and for the next four days.

For westward travel, melatonin will not help if you are going less than five time zones to the west. For distant westward travel, on the day of arrival, take one dose of melatonin at local time bedtime and continue to do so for the next four days. If you wake up before 4 a.m., take a little more melatonin (half a dose) to get a complete night’s sleep. Dissolve this dose under the tongue, if possible, so it will be more fast-acting.

Sleeping pills are not advisable, especially on the plane. They produce a drugged state which has little in common with natural sleep, and suppress natural body movement, not desirable in a cramped environment where the risk of DVTs is already high. Many over-the-counter sleeping pills are anti-histamines which tend to dehydrate the mucous membranes, creating a parched, sore throat when combined with the already dehydrating atmosphere inside the airplane.

Hopefully these tips will help you arrive at your destination awake and energetic.

Are You Flying And Preparing For Your next Flight?

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Are you planning on taking a family vacation this year or a business trip?  If so, there is a good chance that you will be flying.  Flying is a relatively safe, easy, and convenient way to travel.  However, before you leave for the airport, you are advised to start preparing for your flight, well in advance.  Unfortunately, many travelers do not realize that preparing for your flight does not just include packing your bags.  Thanks to new air travel rules and the enforcement of them, preparation now includes more than you could ever imagine.

As previously mentioned, it best that you start preparing for your <a href=””>cheap flights</a> early.  In fact, you should start preparing as soon as you buy your airline tickets, whether that be two weeks before you leave or two months.  The first step that you will want take is to familiarize yourself with the airline that you are flying with and the airport which you will be flying out of.  You can easily do this research online. You will want to determine how early you should leave for the airport and what items you will need to bring along with you, such as personal identification.

It is also a good idea to review the list of banned items. These are items that you are not allowed to have on the airplane or past certain points in most airports.  The most commonly banned items include sharp objects and flammable items, but there other items included in these bans, items that you may have never even thought about before. That is why it is best that you learn what you can and cannot bring on your next family vacation or business trip.  In the event that you try to bring along items that are prohibited, you may have them confiscated.

If you are planning on familiarizing yourself with banned items and other airline rules, it may be a good idea to print off a list of what you find.  Printable lists of items that are banned in airports and on airplanes can be found online from a number of different websites.  One of those websites includes the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).  A printable list is ideal, especially if you do not need to start packing for your trip right away.

After you have familiarized yourself with the air travel rules, including the ones that were recently implemented, you will need to start packing, whether you do so right away or not.  When packing, you will want to remember everything that you learned, although, if you printed off a list, your packing will be much easier.  In the event that you are not sure whether or not an item can be brought on an airplane, you are advised to leave it at home.  Banned items can not only be confiscated, but they could cause you to miss your cheap flight. That is why you are advised against taking any unnecessary chances.

Once your bags have been packed and all your travel plans are in order, you will need to head to the airport. It is advised that you arrive at the airport, at least, two hours in advance.  It is important that you check with your airport, because some airports have different restrictions. Depending on the size of your airport or the number of <a href=””>cheap flights</a> going in and out, you may find that you need to arrive three or even four hours in advance.  It is also important to make sure that you not only have your plane tickets with you, but the proper forms of identification.

Once at the airport, it is important that you remain calm at all times, even if you are approached by airport security.  In today抯 world, it is not uncommon for you to be subject to a random bag check or search; therefore, you should not fret if you are asked.  Instead, just remain calm and, in no time at all, you should be on your way to enjoying your vacation or your business trip.

Amazing Costa Rica Vacations amid Exotic Landscapes

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For those looking for the ultimate adventure vacation whether it is by one抯 self or with one抯 family, look no further then the beautiful and exotic country of Costa Rica, with its golden sand beaches, active volcanoes, lush dense rain and cloud forests, and amazing vibrant seaside towns. With something for everyone, this tiny Central American country has today become one of the world抯 hottest tourist destinations, with plenty to do and much to see.

Offering fantastic adventure vacations for one and all, Costa Rica combines a laidback lifestyle with stunning natural beauty and a friendly local Tico population to provide a truly memorable and unforgettable holiday. With an impressive wealth of national parks, which cover more than a quarter of the country抯 land surface, Costa Rica provides adventure lover抯 with a thrilling stage; hosting everything from mountain biking to white water rafting, and jungle treks to canopy and rappeling tours of the verdant forests here. For those who enjoy the ocean in all its glory, Costa Rica has some of the best surf breaks and swells in the world, with incredible snorkeling and underwater diving opportunities as well.

For those who enjoy endless meandering trials set amidst some of the most lush and magnificent forests, Costa Rica has some incredible hiking and trekking possibilities. Visit the beautiful Manuel Antonio National Park or take a  hike in the wonderful Parque Nacional Rincon de la Vieja to become truly one with nature. However, if you prefer you can visit the secluded and remote jungles of the Corcovado National Park, which is home to the last remaining coastal Pacific rainforest.

White water river rafting and kayaking opportunities are also abound in Costa Rica. Kayak out in the open ocean or raft down the roaring rapids of the Rio抯 Pacuare, Revenatzon and Naranjo for wild ride. But if surfing is your thing, then head on down to the fantastic beaches that Costa Rica has on offer. Visit the Salsa Brava, Ollie抯 Point, Witches Rock, Pavones or Playa Hermosa in Puntarenas for some of the most superb surf breaks in the world.

To explore some of Costa Rica抯 most gorgeous sceneries underwater, dive along the coast off Bahia Drake or Drake Bay or visit the lovely Isla del Ca駉, home to some of the most fabulous underwater and marine life in the country. Along the Guanacaste Coast of the Nicoya Peninsula excellent snorkeling opportunities can be found at Playas del Coco, Playa Ocotal and Playa Hermosa. And if all this is not enough, try rappeling down some of Costa Rica抯 beautiful waterfalls around the areas of Puerto Jimenez and Cabo Matapalo.

As you can see Costa Rica抯 versatility not only extends to its landscape, but its fantastic adventure opportunities as well. So come on down to this gorgeous tropical country to experience Pura Vida or the 慞ure Life?and have the adventure of a lifetime!

Adventure Travel : The Most Exhilarating “Must Do” Trips

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Ever since the man could walk, he traveled. At first, we traveled to escape harsh climate and find food, but as we evolved, we started traveling for fun. Thus appeared travel destinations and travel guides. As time passed, more and more people started traveling to various locations, for the landscape, traditions and thrills.

Here are a few travel locations that are sure to give you your thrills and kicks, somewhat like a top five, I guess, but don抰 trust me – go check them out yourself out!

1. Himalaya

By far the greatest mountain range in the world, the Himalaya have captured the imagination of philosophers, mystics, mountaineers and empire builders from the earliest ancestors of contemporary Hindus and Buddhists to the present day. Mount Kailash, home of the greatest of the gods, and Meru, centre of the Hindu and Buddhist universe, rise from their surrounding ridges of the central Himalaya. From the high slopes to the foothills, people have carved out an often-meager existence in the harshest of environments with determination, subtlety and imagination enriched by powerful cultural identities. Tribal peoples living often at high altitudes have made their living from their tough environment through trade over the highest passes in the world, while farmers have developed agriculture on the man-made terraces of the warmer, lower-lying valleys and hills of the southern ranges. Although the mountain environment gives a common character to the whole region, each hamlet has its own identity. The villages of the arid high-altitude plateau of Ladakh could scarcely be more different from the homesteads of the monsoon forests of Arunachal Pradesh.

2. Kilimanjaro Climb

Just three degrees south of the Equator is the 5,895m (19,340ft) high, permanently snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa抯 highest mountain. It offers one of the best opportunities in the world to climb a peak at high altitude without needing technical climbing ability. Any normally fit, healthy person prepared for some physical exertion and exercise should be able to complete the ascent to Uhuru Peak, which involves approximately 70 kilometers of walking in total, and no technical climbing.

3. Torres Del Paine in Patagonia, Chile

Near the fjord area of Tierra Del Fuego and the Beagle Channel one may visit the famous Torres Del Paine National Park on the southern edge of the Patagonia Ice Cap. The area is easy to get to from Punta Arenas with transportation of buses, taxis and minibuses. It is possibly the most famous national park in South America with 60,000 visitors last season. It is some 100 km north of Puerto Natales. A 2422 sq. km park was given the World Heritage status in 1978 by UNESCO.

It gets it’s name from three wonderful and very prominent polished columns of pink granite, the Towers of Paine (Torres Del Paine).

Here you may go backpacking and trekking, or you can join programs to do the mountain climbing as well. Nandu and Guanaco (Ostrich and Alpaca like animals) are frequently seen in the park refuge. There is a broad diversity of fauna y flora. Backpackers should have experience with overnight trips in rough country; those who desire to make ascents should have mountaineering ice and snow climbing experience.

4. Amboseli Safari

Amboseli National Park is one of Kenya抯 most popular parks because of the stunning view it displays of nearby Mount Kilimanjaro, the world抯 tallest freestanding mountain. When you go on your Amboseli Safari, be sure to get the famous photograph of elephants with the unforgettable views of Kilimanjaro in the background!

Streams from Kilimanjaro surface in the centre of Amboseli, creating swamps that attract and support a rich diversity of wild animals and birdlife.

As Amboseli is easily accessible, it forms a popular part of many of our safari itineraries.

Amboseli is one of the smaller game parks in Kenya and the vegetation ensures that the animals are easy to spot. Lions can easily be found and can occasionally be watched stalking their prey.
Buffalo, zebra, giraffe, gazelle and other plains game are plentiful in the park and hippos live in the open waters and swamp channels. The elephants found here are surprisingly relaxed around safari vehicles; they were largely unaffected by ivory poaching and have some of the largest tusks.

Nothing beats the experience of adventure travel, so pack up your rucksack and give it a go!

A Trip To Revisit And Rediscover The Best Of Great Yarmouth

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Childhood memories are made of bright colours and tingling tastes and ring with fun and laughter. As you rekindle thoughts of those days when simple pleasures brought huge delight, the times that spring to mind are always care-free school days, delicious home cooking and classic seaside holidays.

Glorious days spent on the beach with bucket and spade, fish and chips by the sea or sticky-sweet candy floss and the vibrant lights of the fair! Sadly, when we return to our favourite places they never seem to live up to expectations. The hotel that you stayed in year after year has been turned into flats, the pier is off-limits due to repair work; everywhere is just a little bit tired and in need of some TLC. Yet there are some places that are bucking the trend and a return visit will excite and surprise you.

A popular seaside destination for over 200 years, Great Yarmouth has been attracting visitors to the stunning Norfolk coastline for the past two centuries. The first visitors came to reap the health benefits of seawater. The Great Yarmouth Bath House was opened in 1759 where guests could partake of seawater baths or, if brave enough, take a dip in the North Sea ?but just for a few moments! Today, many come to experience what is great about UK seaside holidays while also enjoying many of the attractions the town and surrounding county has to offer.

Great Yarmouth has recently benefited from an extensive regeneration project with vast financial investment. Incredible improvements have been made to the seafront, market place and town with over ?0 million of both private capital and public funding including that from Government, European and Local Authority pots.
The resort holds a dynamic blend of old and new, charm and character, whilst being full of vibrant energy, colour, excitement and surprise. The regeneration includes aspects of both improvement to current areas, along with exciting new construction projects including the build of an outer harbour.

Areas of the town have significantly benefited from the cash injection with a new look esplanade, with modern lighting that dances across the sands; additional seating and feature lighting in the Market Place for performance and events, and new road layouts with a pedestrain link to the town centre.

The town also has a fascinating historical heritage and funding is being invested in restoring and improving these elements. The 102 year old Wellington Pier is undergoing a complete re-build to restore it to its original glory. Maritime House (formally the Maritime Museum) located on the seafront has undergone restoration and repair and is now the new Tourist Information Centre, while the historical character of The Rows (Market Row and Broad Row) has been enhanced by Victorian style lighting and period paving.

A New Beginning Down Under

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Australia, according to the 2005 IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook, is the best place in the world to live in! That is probably why the application for migration to Australia annually is extremely competitive as many people dream of starting a new life down under.

There are numerous factors attracting people to live in Australia – the quality of life easily achievable, abundant employment prospects, world-class education and good health care facilities. However, it can be very tricky to achieve permanent residence status in Australia because the competition for the limited number of visas given each year is intensive.

There are a number of ways for those who are serious on starting a new life in Australia to apply for residency.

You can apply for immigration for your whole family with the Skilled Visa Program if you have a specific skill set that is in demand in Australia. But, there are little people that applied for immigration under this particular scheme despite the intense demand for visas to live, study and work in Australia.

There are those who were put off at the thought of having to prove experience in their profession and demonstrate their skills should actually take this scheme if they truly possessed the skill and if their profession is listed in the Skilled Program List of in-demand skills, because they can stand a great chance of acceptance.

For those who find filling in millions of forms and turn up for lots of interview to be accepted for immigration horrifying, they need to be well prepared. Because, you will have to go through a series of interview, fill up plenty of paperwork no matter which program you apply for but in the end, if you are granted a visa, all these will be worthwhile.

A trip to Sydney or Melbourne or Brisbane, Perth or Cairns will perk up your desire to immigrate to Australia if you are serious of starting a new life there. Cities like Sydney and Melbourne in Australia are considered some of the most appealing, interesting and enjoyable cities in the whole world. The lifestyle is languid and carefree and yet the cities are modern and fashionable. Blessed with fine weathers and fun people, Australia is a country with so much fun and attraction.

You can apply for a visa to reside in Australia permanently with the Partner, Child, Parent or Other Family Migration schemes if you already have family living in Australia. Those who already have a business and intended to relocate to Australia or those who wish to start a new business there and employ the locals have other alternatives available for them. There is a special visa available for refugees and last but not least, the option available to any one with lots of money is to invest a sum of money into a bank in Australia for a period of time.

Whichever scheme that suits your situation best, be sure to put in everything within your power to make your dream of starting a new life come true. As Australia has been voted to be the best country to live in, demand for residency there will increase significantly as we all move to Australia to get the best quality of life possible!

A Holiday Rental in France: Perfect for the Traveling Golfer

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If you’re a golfer who loves to travel, you’ll find plenty of exciting golf courses with one of the many golf holiday rentals in France. Whether you want to golf at only one course or cruise the French Riviera to various locations and courses, there are plenty of golf courses in France to fit your style and budget.

North and South France’s Finest

France offers some of the finest golf courses, with more than 25 of the top 100 courses in Europe. When taking a golf holiday in the south of France, there are many well-known clubs and courses to try out such as the Royal Mougin Golf Club, Monte Carlo Golf Club, Cannes-Mandelieu Old Course, Domaine de Terre Blanche, Golf Country Club de Vievola, and St. Endreol Golf, to name a few. In northern France, there are top quality courses such as Le Touquet, Hardelot Les Pins, Belle Dune, and Nampont St. Martin Golf Course.

A golf holiday south of France is often preferable year round due to the milder climate and gorgeous scenery. The weather is beautiful most days, and many of the golf courses in southern France were designed by some of Europe’s most skilled golf course architects. And though there are premier golf courses in the south of France, this doesn’t always mean extravagant prices or pro-style golf only. You can find courses to fit almost any budget and also courses that welcome golfers of all skill levels.

You’ll also be able to tour some of the finest cities in Europe such as Marseille, Vence, Cannes, Nice, Monaco, or Toulon. Many of these cities are just a very short distance from the French Riviera, so you can secure great holiday rentals in France and tour several areas around the French Riviera. South France holiday rentals are available at hotels and resorts, or you might find a cozy apartment to spend your golf holiday.

Package Ideas for a Golf Holiday in France

When traveling to France, choose golf holiday packages that will cater to your needs and location, whether staying north or south of France. If you need to stay only a few nights, many hotels and resorts offer packages for two to four nights and a couple of games of golf. If you need to stay longer, find golf packages that are discounted for longer stays. If it’s variety you want, another type of package is a golf cruise in which you can sail to different hot spots and play golf on different courses. French Riviera golf cruises are particularly popular.

You might also choose to stay in an area that’s saturated with golf courses so you can try out a new one every day. Areas such as Vence (south of France) or Nice offer many courses, tourist attractions, and beautiful scenery.

Booking Your Golf Holiday in France

You can easily book a golf holiday in North or South France online and find great deals for hotels, apartment rentals, or even places for a France day trip. Use online maps to pinpoint where you want to stay or go golfing. For example, if seeking Provence accommodations, check out a map of the Provence area to find a great destination.

Look for fabulous French Riviera rentals or other golf holiday adventures to enjoy your vacation to the fullest!

A Guide To Salzburg Austria

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Salzburg, Austria is perhaps best known as the birthplace of Mozart. The city is home to numerous music and drama festivals throughout the year. The movie The Sound of Music was filmed in this city and is a popular tourist attraction. The alpine setting of this city gives it a unique charm. There are many sites to see and lots to do here.


There are many hotels in the city to fit every taste and budget. Prices vary widely from many affordable hotels to more luxury hotels with higher price tags. The internet is a good source of reviews of the many hotels in the city. You can view pictures and read descriptions of the various hotels before choosing your accommodations.

Vacation packages are available online or through a travel agent. These can save money, compared to booking your flight and accommodations separately. Do some research before visiting a travel agent or booking online into some of the hotels available in the city. Decide if you want to be in the inner city or farther out.


Salzburg抯 Old City is the center of the city and the most historic area. It is considered one of the most aesthetically beautiful cities in Europe. The area has many old footbridges to walk and pedestrian only areas for sightseeing. Horse and buggy tours of the area are also available. If you need a break from the city, consider walking the many paths outside the city to relax and enjoy the quiet and beauty of nature.

Salzburg is home to many old churches, most in the Baroque style. The cathedral in the center of town dates back to the 17th century. The architecture of these old churches gives the city its unique character. Some to see include: St. Sebastian抯, St. Michaels, St. Johns and St. Peter抯 Abbey.

Mozart抯 Birthplace has been renovated to the original apartments inhabited by the family. The room where he was born and the room where he composed most of his famous works are still open for tours. Guided tours are available the first Sunday of each moth. This is where the composer lived until 1773. Mozart抯 Residence is located nearby and is where he lived from 1773 to 1780. There are exhibits related to the family and the works of Mozart.

Fans of the Sound of Music often love visiting Salzburg. The movie was filmed here. You can tour locations throughout the city that were featured in the film. A tour bus playing music from the movie takes you around to all the locations featured in the film.

Mirabelle Palace is open for tour. The ornate palace is also home to amazing gardens with statues of mythical figures. Heckentheater on the West Side is the oldest Hedge Theater north of the Alps. This was constructed in the 1700s as an outdoor theatre. On the same site is the Zivergegarten, which is a dwarf garden.

Hohensalzburg Fortress is another popular tourist attraction in the city. The fortress was first constructed in the year 1077 and expansions were done in 1160 and again in the 15th and 16th centuries during the Hungarian War. This is the largest fortress in all of central Europe. It was very effective and was never conquered by enemy armies. The fortress is open year round for tours.